Bare Knuckle Roasting

About Us

Bare knuckle Roasting Company is a local, small batch coffee roaster dedicated to producing the finest, most flavorful, unique coffee that’s one of a kind. All of our coffees are hand selected, personally sampled, and personally shared with you to ensure that we produce a truly exceptional coffee that you can’t find anywhere else. We constantly strive to select and roast beans that are bright, lively, sophisticated, and unique to give our customer the most memorable, beautiful experience possible. Thank you for choosing Bare Knuckle Roasting 

Roaster Bio 

All of Bare Knuckle Coffee is roasted exclusively by Jordan Fallon. It all started by battling with quality control, struggling with sub-par coffees near-by, and taking the next step. Coffee has a reputation of being dark, flat, burnt, and to many, just a way to give you a jolt and wake you up in the morning, but to us, its completely different. We wanted to find something more unique, more fruity, more floral, more sweet, more delicious, and more pleasant. we decided to start creating this in an environment where this objective was unfortunately few and far between.

We began from the ground up cranking away at old-fashioned popcorn makers, using electric drills as motors, and setting our prized beans on fire. We finally built, grew, and expanded to a stature of skilled brew methods, meticulous troubleshooting, graphs, charts, recipes, - the list goes on! We currently roast on a Diedrich IR- 2.5 machine and have a dedicated work space outside Jefferson City. We now are at the place of little, to no comprising, rigorous testing, and consistent quality that we'd love to share with you. Thank you for your support. – Jordan